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Dalton Minimum

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February 20, 2008



Very interesting paper. I wonder how this is going to be received ...

Richard Frei

Yikes!! Someone needs to get to Senator McCain, take a towel, soak it in ice-cold water, slap him across the face (gently, of course), hand him this report when his attention is focused and say, "Wake Up! Read this and realize we need you to wake up the rest of the country. Now!" There needs to be a serious discussion during the upcoming Presidential campaign of the folly of pursuing economic/social/environmental AGW policies when the science is beginning to point in a very different direction.


Can we call it the Hansen Minimum?


We remain at zero, or close to, sunspots. I predict this will become a hot topic in the next 12 months, as (if) temperatures continue to decline.

Keep up the good work.


I disagree, Phillip: I think the leftist msm will ignore it as long as possible. Or at least until the goreacle can figure out how to take advantage of it.

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