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Dalton Minimum

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October 11, 2008


Magnus A

Thanks for the info.

The Maunder Minimum may had two declining sunspot cycles or so before the real minimum started...? Landscheidt's prediction is decline from late 2013/early 2014 and Maunder Minimum conditions (a "dead sun") from 2030.

I think we (whether Landsheidt is right or not) going to have a waeker SC24, but still a sunspot cycle. But if it gets steadily cold/colder in the coming 5 years the AGW hysteria hopefully dies in the scientific community and on decision level in the politics. (Climate politics seems dangerous.)

The cooling time lag may partly (except radiation from the cooling stuff in the biosphere, maybe including sea surface) be explained by negative feedbacks in both clouds and water vapor, which is an effect that also reduce the instant change, and the time lag shall be a specific time. (I also think that the shield from cosmic rays are due to a combination of solar magnetic activity and solar wind, but I don't know any data...)

/Magnus (amateur)

Russ Steele


I am hoping we have five years of brutal cold, and the citizens will rise up and put an end to this global warming foolishness. The current economic crisis is slowing things down a bit. It is hard to worry about global warming when hungry and cold.

Ron de Haan

Even if the new Maunder Minimum starts tomorrow, the Governments will not reverse the legislation that is currently in place to reduce CO2 emissions.

The decission to wreck our economies and steel our freedom has been taken.

The current economic crises will not postpone the set agenda but accelerate it.

So will the election of Obama as President.

What's also in place is all the necessary legislation to repress any opposition.

Looking at the consequences of a 60% reduction in CO2 by 2050 and a Maunder Minimum by 2030 =
mass starvation and the end of our civilisation

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Sorry for the message, I am an optimist by nature.

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