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December 22, 2008



I wouldn't put a lot of trust in this "new" study. The same sort of analysis was done previously and found to be unconvincing. See here:

Layer Seven

Hi - all

On page 206 of The Chilling Stars Svensmark and Calder address precisely the Forbush events:

"these events could well be expected to result in a visible reduction in the
Earth's cloud cover. (paragraph) This doesn't happen as a rule, and the failure to find such connections served as an argument against the theory that cosmic rays influence cloud formation. The CORSIKA calculations again confirm, in this connection, that the solar shock wave affects the muon-making particles much less than the general run of cosmic rays, so no obvious effect on clouds is to be expected in Forbush decreases."

I didn't read the subject paper; only its abstract, and the incomplete piece from Science Daily which refers to it. It appears the subject paper may contain no neew information, however.

Maybe I will post on this on my blog; it is certainly worth thorough comment.

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