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Dalton Minimum

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January 31, 2010




what are CERN upto with their CLOUD experiment


Sorry--I've also seen nothing. Maybe now that we have "liftoff" in the sunspot graph, the progession of the current cycle will prompt some interesting updates on theories, hypotheses and educated guesses. See the January graph here, updated today:

I would really like to know if the "Ap Progression" is thought to have any predictive power, since it is still lingering down low.



I created a news alert on Google News for the Cloud Experiment. If something comes up I will post ASAP.


I am not sure. We did not have any recordings by when the last grand minimums occurred. Here is a link to some research done by Penn and Livingston who predict no spots by 2015. Details here:


Sorry I don't have anything up to date at the moment, but here's some material from CERN itself on the topic...
from 1998:
from 2009:

Note that the CERN document server is searchable, as well, so you may be able to find more stuff there on that or other topics.

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