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February 04, 2010


Brian H

Is "a very limited role" scientific jargon for "diddley squat"?


Diddley Squat may in fact be more consideration than CO2 (or the IPCC) deserves!

Robert Circle

1. What drives the 100Kyr/12Kyr cosmic ray cycle?

2.Is there any comparison between the cosmic ray level during the glacial periods and present cosmic ray level?
3. There was an article in Sky and Telescope, August, I think, of 2009. It concerned an asteroid whacking the northern hemisphere about 12,900 years ago. The asertion was made that the last glacial period was coming to an end maybe 1000 years before the impact. The impact caused the earth to go back into the deep freeze (younger Dryas) for another 1000 years or so.

What I take from this is, since asteroid impact are an irregular event, we are a couple K years further into the present inter glacial period than any one has figured and, conversly, a couple K years closer to the next glacial period.


Robert Circle, the Sun drives the cosmic ray cycle. Increased solar activity creates increased solar wind, which blocks cosmic radiation, which decreases cloud formation and increases solar irradiance.

The upshot of this is that global climate is not determined by silly local events that happen down here, but rather by the behaviour of the Sun.

Since we can't control the Sun yet, we should stop fretting over over climate.


CO2's benefits far outway the negligible greenhouse effect it possesses. Oh by the way its essential for life and its a very small percentage of the atmosphere.

Any idea of sequestering CO2 is complete and total insanity (meaning AL Gore).

Because of climate's very complex feedback mechanisms which humans have only minimal understanding of, any further tampering with it such as Sequestering could have unintended tipping effects.

While its true man has introduced additional combustion pollutants over time into the atmosphere, just one major volcanic eruption can exceed that by orders of magnitude.....and the Earth has not self destructed.

Remember, Al Gore is not stupid, but he is a fork-tongued lying A-hole.

Major: Love your description of Gore


Robert Circle--- The level of cosmic rays reaching Earth is determined by two factors:
1) The solar system's position relative to the spiral arms of our Milky Way galaxy, which effects the level of cosmic rays entering the solar system; and 2) Fluctuations in the solar wind that partially shields the solar system from cosmic rays

Robert Circle

I'm familiar with the theory of solar wind/magnetic field modulating the cosmic rays as described in Henrick Svensmark book, and it all seems reasonable to me. But do you really think that this variation in the sun is the driver for the 100/12k yr cycles for the glacial periods?

Robert Circle

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