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Dalton Minimum

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July 20, 2011


Magnus A

I wonder what will happen after 2013-2014, when solar activity get lower within the 11-year solar cycle, and especially if we'll see a start of a grand minimum. Like from 2015...?

But there are also local climate effects, effects from ocean oscillation etc, so there should be areas which cope better... But I'm afraid Europe and US will have problems.

Colder means less precipitation, which may cause starvation in the poor world. Can we prepare increasing energy efficiency and use cheap ways to decrease our dependence of energy, so that agriculture got what it needs? Sound economy should fix things by the price mechanism.

(Sound economy = market economy.)

Russ Steele


I will be expanding on the themes that you mentioned. We are going to have another Grand Minimum and it is going to have impacts similar to previous GMs. I want to explore those impacts in a 21st Century world. Stay Tuned.

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